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# 12: MODERN PRIMITIVES: 20th Anniversary Edition BOOK RE/SEARCH Publications the underground bible about the world of "bodily modifications" as tattooing, piercing and scarification; articles & interviews with the main figures of the US-scene feat. PAULA & GENESIS P. ORRIDGE, ANTON LA VEY, etc etc.. many fascinating photographs, new hardcover ed. 212 glossy pages, fully illustrated, new material added €35.00
# 11: PRANKS! BOOK RE/SEARCH Publications extensive articles & interviews about / with 36 underground "pranksters" as TIMOTHY LEARY, MONTE CAZAZZA, JELLO BIAFRA, MARK PAULINE, BOYD RICE, JOHN CALE, HENRY ROLLINS, JOHN GIORNO, and many more highly interesting artists, writers, painters from the US american scene at the end of the 80's, "a statement of avantgarde philosophy"; new lim. hardcover edition, 240 pages, 164 photos & illustrations 1987 €35.00