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Thousand Year Dreaming / Floating World CD Pogus Productions P21045-2 re-release of "Thousand Year Dreaming" (1990), a dreamy, meditative piece in 5 parts for several wind instruments like didgeridoo, trombone, oboe, english horn... .plus a previously unreleased 36 minute piece from 1999 named "Floating World", based on recordings of friends made at their most spiritual places, woven to a 36 min collage.... 2007 €13.00
A Sound Map of the Danube do-CD Lovely Music Ltd. LCD 2083 What is a River?; epic composition from a big array of field recordings made 2001-2004 at the Danube (Donau) river going from Germany to Romania - using the rivers sound (surface and underwater), insects & other animals living at the stream, but also quotes of people living near are interwoven into the work... 2008 €34.00
A Sound Map of the Housatonic River CD-R 3LEAVES - 3L018 field recordings of the whole course (224km, from Massachusetts to Connecticut) of the fast flowing Housatonic River, made at the surface & underwater, along the riverbank; experience the beauty of the streaming water & the einvironment; nice release by the prolific composer from New Zealand (*1939), who began to record "sound maps" or "aural scans" of rivers a long time ago.... 2012 €10.00