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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
same CD Editions Mego 084 Cd-version of first album by the collab project of PITA & STEPHEN O'MALLEY 2006 €13.50
IV do-12 Inoxia IX12-0701 rare Japanese vinyl-pressing in gatefold-cover with mounted bonus 7", printed innersleeves, banderole, etc.. lim. 500 2009 €49.00
V CD Editions Mego emego 120 fifth studio album, recorded at legendary electronic music studios EMS (Stockholm) & INA GRM (Paris) throughout 2010-2011, feat. JOHANN JOHANNSSON and others; on five long tracks they work much more refined and "ambient" as before, with clear e-bow overtune wave drones und slow inner movements & pulses within stagnant sound-rays... track 4 & 5 also use impressive orchestral & voice elements 2012 €14.00