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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Zuckerzeit Lilith Ltd. LR333 LP + CD re-issue (original cover) of LP from 1974 (their third album), comes with bonus CD of the same album 2007 €18.50
Curiosum LP Bureau B BB038 re-issue of the sixth CLUSTER-album from 1981 (SKY Records 063); new liner notes by ASMUS TIETCHENS 2009 €17.00
Grosses Wasser CD Bureau B BB026 re-issue of their fifth album from 1979 (Sky Records), new liner notes by ASMUS TIETCHENS 2009 €16.50
Cluster II LP + CD Lilith Ltd. LR124 re-issue (original cover) of second CLUSTER-LP from 1972 (Brain) feat. DIETER MOEBIUS and JOACHIM ROEDELIUS. New liner notes by ASMUS TIETCHENS (printed inner sleeve); on 180gr vinyl, comes now with bonus-CD of the same album !! 2012 €18.50
1971-1981 9 x LP BOX Bureau B bb 222 collector's box with the 8 studio albums of their main phase (first 10 years from 1971-1981, after CONRAD SCHNITZLER left the band and they re-named from KLUSTER to CLUSTER), plus one bonus LP with unreleased live recordings [Hamburg & Metz/FR 1972/1977], all re-mastered and with individual sleeves, booklet and new liner notes from ASMUS TIETCHENS 2016 €168.00