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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Hot Water Music (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-26 obscure loops and strange effects which will maybe cause hypnosis to the listener 1998  
No more Boleros CD Ignis Records DI 005 early release (second album) by the Dutch duo & Drone Rec. artist (one half is now active as (AD)VANCED)), with their mixture of obscure loops from old records with spacey drones and field recordings, some seems to be quite crazed out, but it has also a deeper beauty always,.. which means: nearly genius! Not too far from old BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, etc.. very last copies back in stock! 2000 €13.00
At Random again CD Noctovision NCVCD-09 this was the second fabric-pressed CD by the experimental / turntable / ambient act from Arnhem, Netherlands, often operating between droning and looping beauty and darkness, surrealism and obscurity... AT RANDOM AGAIN has 50 tracks (!), designed to be played in random shuffle mode; lim. 425 in totally handmade collage-cover, each one unique! back in stock last copies 2001 €14.00
Monstrance 7inch Dachstuhl DACH01 numb. ed. 300 copies / unique silk-screen covers / back in ! 2001 €6.00
The E Emission CD-R EE Tapes ET77 lim. 200 2002 €8.00
Slow Age Decay Musick CD-R Verato Project verazitńt 012 VERY last copies back in stock for this rare VANCE CD-R with elaborated silkscreen full-colour fold out cover & individual photo taped on: loops, strange instrumental and concrete sounds and voices create never predictable odd atmospheres, we called it "alien ambient hypnotism" years back...excellent stuff! lim./numbered 60 copies only!! 2003 €12.00
Vance plays Vance CD-R Blade Records wmda 34 lim. 120 copies in handmade and sprayed wood-covers with glitter-effect, and fullcolour silkscreened poster-insert !! 2003 €12.00
Drek (parts I-VI) CD Waystyx Records lim./numb. 100 / very special cardboard cover w. many full-colour inlays ! / fabric-pressed CD, no CDR ! 2005 €16.00