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"Troum (an archaic translation of "dream" from the duo's native German) mines the nether regions of the subconscious to create waking replications of the nightly visions. Their recordings are far from mere transcriptions of dreams to tape; they are the gossamer residues of once vivid memories, passed through mesmeric filters to slowly dissolve present reality into soft focus fragments of thought. Musically, these translations fall both on the sublime and, at times, on the malevolent side of the ambient fence." [Jim Haynes]

"TROUM is a duo located in Bremen, Germany, established in early 1997. The two members "Glit(s)cH" and "Baraka[H]" were active before in the influental ambient industrial group MAEROR TRI (which existed from 1988 to 1996). TROUM is the old german word for "DREAM". The dream seen as a central manifestation of the UNconscious symbolizes the aim of TROUM to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, a pre-verbal and primal consciousness sphere. TROUM uses music as the direct path to the Unconscious, pointing to the archaic "essence" of the humans inner psyche. TROUM tries to create music that works like a direct transformation of unconscious matter.

TROUMs creations are influenced by post-industrial, minimal and drone-music. Both members use guitar, bass, voice, accordion, balalaika, flute, mouth-organ, melodica, gong, field recordings, pre-recorded-tapes and a diversity of sound-objects to build a kind of multi-layered and highly atmospheric dreaming-muzak. Their sound could be described as “dark atmospheric ambient industrial”, "transcendental noise" or just “Tiefenmusik”. TROUM doesn't work with synths, samplers or computer-soundsources, the sounds are created "by hand" to reach a broader sensibility. TROUM uses a spiral as their logo, expressing the trance-inducing potential of the music and the wish to reach inner, deeper spheres of the mind with it. Music as a door to unknown & alien dimensions. Music as an expression of the mystery of existence itself.

Live appearances: TROUM played several times at various venues and did small tours throughout Europe, Russia, USA & Canada, and played or toured with SPEAR, TARKATAK, VANCE ORCHESTRA, ULTRASOUND, BAD SECTOR, SUNN O))), AEOGA, AIDAN BAKER/NADJA and others.TROUM also performed at several bigger festivals like: NURSERY INJECTION - Stockholm (1998), LIEU UNIQUE–Nantes (2000), ARTOOZ-Limoges (Fr) (2001 & 2003), TOON – Haarlem (NL) (2001), ARCHAIKA & TECHNOLOGIYA - Moscow (2002), SEE[H]EAR-Festival Den Haag (2004), WROCLAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL (2005), SCHIPHORST-AVANTGARDE-FESTIVAL (2006), BRAINWAVES-Festival (Boston, 2006).
TROUM runs their own label TRANSGREDIENT Records for CD-outputs, but has also releases on many other labels." [official info]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Tjukurrpa (part two: drones) CD Transgredient Records TR-01 (b) Second part in the Tjukurrpa-trilogy, again in circle cover design 2002 €13.00
Tjukurrpa (part three: rhythms and pulsations) CD Transgredient Records TR-01(c) third & last part of the Tjukurrpa-trilogy 2003 €13.00
Ryna CD Transgredient Records TR-04 re-release of debut-album from 1998 ! digipack with artwork by Tilmann Benninghaus 2006 €12.00
AIWS CD Transgredient Records TR-05 first full-length album in many years, studio-material rec. 2002-2005, stunning artwork by ALAN MC. CLELLAND. 6-panel full-colour digipack. 2007 €12.00
Nargis 7inch VivaHate Records VHR-45-002.1 the dark & roaring side of TROUM; ed. of 500 / part one of the "Landscapes Single Series" / full-colour artwork & inlay designed by MARS WELLINK (adVANCED); last copies back in stock, now SOLD OUT at label! 2007 €6.00
Symballein CD Small Voices SVR07024 a collection of rare & early tracks 1997-1999 from Troums very archaic & droney sounding begin. 6 pieces from long deleted compilations. Nice textured cardboard-cover. 1000 copies pressed. 2007 €10.00
Darve sh / Ajin CD NEFRYT N 016 re-issue of the deleted vinyl-releases (Darve sh 10" from 2003 & AJIN 12" from 2005), all tracks for the first time on CD! Numbered edition of 404 copies / oversized cardboard-cover with design by Jarecki Szeliga 2008 €13.00
Ljubimaya / Daur CD Abgurd AB-38 re-issue of the very first TROUM release (the 3-track 10" vinyl-only "DAUR" from 1998, Cohort Rec), plus the LJUBIMAYA 10" from 2003 (Waystyx 03); cover pictures by Dmitry Chistov aka HUM; lim. 500 2009 €12.50
SIGQAN CD Transgredient Records TR-06 re-issue of the long deleted album from 2003 (Desolation House), comes with new artwork feat. UV-high gloss spots, designed by Alan McClelland. 2009 €13.00
Autopoiesis / Nahtscato CD Zoharum ZOHAR 012-2 finally a CD version / re-issue of the two vinyl-only releases AUTOPOIESIS (pic-LP from 2004) and NAHTSCATO (12" from 2005); plus two unreleased versions / bonus-tracks recorded 2003; 6-panel digipack, edition of 500 copies 2010 €12.00
Mare Idiophonika CD Silken Tofu stx.12 TROUM is back with a new full-length album that works as a dedication to imaginable self-organized aural systems, using singing-bowls and "dry" beats for the very first time! Contains one long one-tracker based on a live-programme that was performed in 2007, lim. 500, this is the European version with different artwork (silver-black printed large cardboard-folder) by WIM PAUWELS 2010 €13.00
Seeing-Ear Gods CD ZOHARUM Zohar 017-2 re-issue of this very rare CDR released originally on URE THRALLs Discorporeality Recordings; recorded "live in the studio" in Palo Alto, California, on 15. March 2001 at KFJC-Radio-station. New cover, re-mastered, lim. 500 2011 €12.00
Grote Mandrenke CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt238 2nd part of the POWER ROMANTIC trilogy after 'Mare Idiophonika' - back in stock! - "an aural hallucination on the events that occurred January 15-17, 1362 at the Friesian North Sea coast" - GROTE MANDRENKE is an oceanic & waving, but also dramatic & mournful journey symbolizing the nature's dominion over man; one long track in 5 movements, comes in oversized gatefold-cover 2012 €13.00
Mare morphosis CD Transgredient Records TR-09 the third & final part in the "Power Romantic" trilogy - "Mare morphosis definitely gives Troum’s music a new dimension, reflecting ancient waves, amplifying the power of Sehnsucht, drumming the drowning heart." [Denis Boyer / Fear Drop]- lim. 1000, 8 panel fold out cover. IN STOCK NOW !! 2013 €13.00
Mort aux Vaches: Sen CD Aquarellist aquarel 24-13 finally, the first CD re-issue of TROUMs 2nd album from 2000, recorded "live in the studio" at VPRO in Amsterdam on the 12.12.1999 and released in the "Mort aux Vaches"-series; a long one-tracker going through different stages... "very ominous and pulsating, but with an almost spiritualy uplifting quality" [Steve Hall / YEN POX] re-mastered by KSHATRIY, this comes in an edition of 500 copies with beautiful black / micro-corrugated 6 panel silk-screen cover 2013 €14.00
Syzygie CD Cold Spring Records CSR183CD a collection of nine rare tracks from lost & deleted compilations, recorded 1999-2002, the follower to 'Symballein' (2010) => "unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak"; stunning cover-artwork by ABBY HELASDOTTIR (GYDJA), re-mastering by MARTIN BOWES (ATTRITION); edition of 1000 copies 2013 €12.00
Dreaming Muzak CD Zoharum ZOHAR 074-2 "The soundtrack to your Dreams" - re-mastered re-issue of TROUMs first full length release (came out as lim. MC on Cling Film Records, at the same time as the RYNA CD in Oct. 1998) with recordings from 1997, for the first time as regular CD => two long amorph droning soundtracks to be played during your dreams in endless mode... lim. 350 copies with new cover artwork 2014 €13.00
ACOUASME CD Cold Spring Records CSR213CD new studio album with six long tracks of pestering transrational drones that sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality - the surrounding acoustic world as perceived through the mind of a mentally disordered person, 'Acouasme' sets you deep into a world of strange and eerie aural occurences... "At the end of 'Acouasme', I can only walk away stating that I have experienced something that I do not fully understand as of yet." [Brutal Resonance] 2015 €12.00
Ryna do-LP :retortae: - elixir 10 expanded & re-mastered vinyl re-issue of the first TROUM album from 1998, their darkest & most roaring 'transformation of unconscious matter' - comes with three bonus-tracks on Side D, recorded around the same time (two of them are completely unreleased so far!!); lim. 150 copies, black vinyl, great artwork with special cardboard cover design / box 2015 €33.00
ACOUASME do-LP Silken Tofu STX.45 finally the vinyl-version of TROUMs last full length album, gloriously mastered for vinyl by FREDERIC ALSTADT: "Acouasme" is a psychiatric notion for unshaped, non-verbal aural deceptions, amorph and elemental sounds and noises, such as hissing, ringing, scraping, only perceived but never actually present.... comes with one unreleased bonus-track, "Cast Iron Ark" on white vinyl, lim. 300 copies 2017 €20.00
AIWS LP Backwards BW25 vinyl version of album from 2007; re-mastered by THOMAS DIMUZIO - the last Troum album that was recorded entirely analogue, on 8-track tape recorder; BLACK VINYL edition, 300 copies, stunning new artwork by PIERRE-YVES GIRARD "composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves.." 2017 €18.00
DA-PU-RI-TO-JO CD-box Black Mara BM-17 a compilation of TROUMs 7" vinyl releases (+ one digital only EP) through the years 2004 - 2016, all re-mastered and appearing on CD for the first time; comes in a beautifully crafted "archaic" looking collector's wood box, with glowing in the dark logo, photos, map of labyrinth, and little bottle with 'magic earth' on Siberians Black Mara label, know for their extravagant packagings!! Lim. 150 copies; VIDEO TEASER: youtu.be/UXVRMnBneE4 2017 €39.00