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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Ante-Mortem CD Hinterzimmer Records hint09 NEW Tazartes work (rec. in Paris 2010) in 23 parts, released by the excellent Swiss label HINTERZIMMER ! 2010 €14.00
Granny awards LP Alga Marghen plana-PAlga036 previously unpublished LP re-discovered in the archives, feat. 6 tracks recorded in the early 80's; lim. 450 2011 €19.50
Ante-Mortem LP + 7inch Hinterzimmer Records hint09LP NEW Tazartes work (rec. in Paris 2010) in 23 parts, released by the excellent Swiss label HINTERZIMMER! Now the vinyl version with bonus 7" !! 2012 €25.00
Coda Lunga LP + DVD Von Archives von 016 lim. 500 - NEW recordings - as hyped up and riotous & surprising as ever, but this album shows also a much calmer side, using many typical Indian sound sources! "Ghedalia Tazartes immerses himself into the sea of Indian traditions in Kerala, from Katakhali dance and music to field recordings" - the DVD has additionally over 60 minutes of original video material made in India 2012 €27.00
Hysterie Off Music LP Holidays Records HOL 074 "emotional psalms and shamanic hymns" - first vinyl re-issue of album from 2007 which marked TAZARTES 'return' after many years, using different instrumental means as before (wild guitar-samples, synths, chansons), always characterized by TAZARTES distinctive vocals, pathetic, melancholic, but also completely manic and 'crazy'.. lim. 350 2014 €18.50
LA. LP dBUT interambience DBUT007 new material rec. 2013, inspired by a trip to Oslo, feat. "guest star" LALO TAZARTES; lim. 500; unique stuff again, as a reviewer once wrote "Dont listen to it alone after dark or in an altered state of consciousness. Actually, listening to this will probably alter your consciousness all by itself." [weirdestbandintheworld.com] 2014 €21.50
La Bar Mitzvah du Chien LP Bisou BIS-002-U new recordings from 2012, feat. his son Lalo on one track; crazy cover, too;) => TAZARTES is 68 years old now and together with C. PALESTINE the other "wild & crazy" cult figure of the 'uncategorizable' musical underground, and both are still going strong!! 2015 €17.00
5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine 10inch Holidays Records HOL-082 vinyl version of the rare mini-album from 2006 with 6 tracks, which marked TAZARTES return after more than 10 years: a tribute to the poetry of RIMBAUD and VERLAINE, re-mastered on 45 rpm, lim. 350 copies 2016 €16.50
Works 1977-1979 4 x LP-Box /+ 10inch Vinyl On Demand VOD91 RE silver embossed / printed blue box containing re-mastered re-issues of the first four LPs of the legendary French autodidact who gets so much deserved recognition lately, plus a 10" with an unreleased work from 1978!! RE-PRESSE edition of 200 copies !! 2017 €90.00