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De Tragedie van een Liedjesschrijver zonder Woorden CD Moving Furniture Records MFR013 first proper ("fabric pressed") CD by this underrated dutch ambient/drone/experimental project, six tracks of rough oceanic drones with cracking particles above, very minimal & hypnotic, drowning in overtune walls.. highly recommended! Edition of 300 copies 2013 €11.50
Time Waves CD Moving Furniture Records MFR030 the second 'proper' album on CD by the dutch minimal drone project, inspired by the 'geology' of floating sounds...."As if sound is like the geologic time it slowly floats on with layers coming and going without revealing what is next in a randomly fashion. The transgressions, the waves, billowing over each other, on a tranquil pace.." edition of 300 copies 2016 €13.00
Dream Sequence #3 mCD-R Taalem alm 112 23 min. one-tracker of washy, waving ambience clouds with only little changes, the third release in a series of mini cds with "dreamy" sounds.. 2017 €5.00