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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Veil of Tears CD Matchless Recordings MRCD24 feat. collaborations & remixes with MICHAEL PRIME, ROBERT HAMPSON (MAIN), JIM O'ROURKE, etc.. back in stock! 1994 €14.00
Die letzte Musik vor dem Krieg 7inch Die Stadt DS 70 lim. 500 copies 2003 €8.50
Ein schwrzeres Schwarz 7inch Die Stadt DS73 back in stock this very strong ORGANUM 7" - a further development of the sounds used for 'Die letzte Musik vor dem Krieg' - lim. 500 copies in totally white covers with white print 2003 €8.50
Die Hennen Zhne mCD Die Stadt DS57/DS66 mCD-digipack, ed. of 600. 4 pieces, w. MICHAEL PRIME 2005 €9.00
Sanctus CD Robot Records RR-35 first part of trilogy with contemplative organ drones; four ultra minimal pieces that move towards objectless spheres, when powerful fix-sounds (piano, gong) appear from time to time and blow lots of energy into it... 2006 €15.00
Omega CD Die Stadt DS101 third part of trilogy, creating "pantheistic sublimity" [Bad Alchemy), the amazing comeback of ORGANUM!! First ed. 600 copies, digipack, BACK IN STOCK ! 2008 €15.00
Valentin 7" Equation Records E=mc23 after a long time, a typical "rare & mysterious" ORGANUM EP, a very strong piece coming in two versions using percussion & choir-elements (!) paired with field recordings & piano & noise; a very unusual sound!! 45rpm 7" lim. & numbered 233, exquisite artwork the label is known for, designed by JACKMAN / J. COLECLOUGH 2010 €12.50