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Invisible City CD Touch TO:77 mixing field recordings & instrumental sources; guest musician: HILDUR I. GUDNADOTTIR 2010 €13.00
Eye of the Microphone CD Touch TO:91 an array of field recordings from the City of London => BN NILSEN has discovered many isolated aural micro-worlds within the cacaphony of a mega-city, as usual excellent spatial sound quality & fascinating drones & beautiful acoustic objects beyond.. comes with extensive liner-notes 2013 €14.00
Massif Trophies LP EMego EMEGO 233LP on his first solo outing for Ed. Mego, BJ NILSEN transforms field recordings from 'Gran Paradiso' in the Italian alpine regions with maximum result.. "Massif Trophies is also about the scope of details and perception of the path and the myth of the mountain as the accursed or sacred place. The five pieces contain narratives based on experiences and recordings from the trip." 2017 €16.50
Terroir mCD Ferns Recordings ferns_rhizome_09 the French FERNS label with their charming series of mCDs has been re-activated again, and their first release after the break is this EP by BENNY NILSEN with a long, magnificient "concrete-atmospheric" sound piece based on field recordings made on the country in Austria side near KREMS: 'the terroir, harvest and fermentation during vinification' - first presented at the opening of "Drahtsicht", an outdoor sculpture by GNTER WOLFSBERGER, Oct. 2016; lim. 500 2017 €7.50