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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Reduced CD-R Mystified Music   2006 €7.00
M do-CDR Roil Noise RNOCDR077 comes in big round metal-box! 2007 €10.00
SubDialogue CD-R Verato Project verazitńt 057 numb. ed. of 60 copies; special packaging (in oversized translucent envelope) 2008 €9.00
Hypno-Strain CD-R Tosom 041 lim/numb. ed. 150 copies in DVD slim box incl. 3 photo-inserts 2009 €10.50
Pulse Ringer Pieces LP Droehnhaus # 3 finally the first LP for the experimental drone project from the States / pressed on clear blue vinyl, edition of 300 2009 €13.00
Coming Days CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACR 1003 transcendental ambience by this very active US project - slow pulses, spheric guitars, metallic drones & overtunes, synths... all well executed, one of the best releases we know so far by MYSTIFIED and the ideal point to discover 2011 €8.00
Life is a Carnival CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACR 1016 suspended & floating drone-muzak, very light & airy, processed light coloured sounds.. second album on Attenuation Circuit for this very active US american ambient project.. 2012 €8.00