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Michael Northam
Over 20 years involved consistently with a self-taught style of sound-painting with a combination of electronic, acoustic and organic sound sources. Sound has been for
Michael a primary artistic form to explore indeterminate states of perception and consciousness. Provoking questions about what are the building blocks of human
experience and exploring that with extended and suspended states provoked by intuitively 'tuned' sound fields.
This working direction is a two decade refinement techniques to explore complex, but deeply patterned phenomena found in nature and how such 'stochastic' sources are the essential elements of our most intimate inner and outer tapestries of experience.
Michael records from nature elemental sound materials from wind, water, plant material and incidental man-made phenomena - often where these elements interpenetrate each
other. Using these kinds of sounds he then practices in primitive-musical ways to imitate elemental phenomena with various instruments (percussive, electro-acoustic, acoustic)such as playing sea-shells, bird calls, japanese pentatonic flute, resonating metal objects, etc. Furthermore years of auto-didactic acoustic studio experience produces 'compost' of interwoven live and recorded materials into ever unfolding new works that been left behind over the past years as internationally published recordings and site-specific installations.
Most recently a series of works entitled 'watch-things-grow' which have been 8-channel aleatoric sound-works for Botanical Gardens. The work "Frozen Illuminations" has been presented on Radio Deutschland Kultur, last year, as well as, numerous self-published
collector edition items on Michael's personal label OROGENETICS. Because of years of developing a personal sound, he is increasingly sought after for extremely precise and unique experiential sound-design for international dance, performance and cinematic projects. Works premiering in: Belgium, India, United States,
and Germany. Currently developing a project with Bavarian performance/installation artist Judith Egger concerning indeterminate states of consciousness.

[from a concert-announcement Sept. 2012]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Memoirs of four discarded objects CD Edition XXXII edition of 500 copies, digipack 2003 €13.00
Molecular knot phase one mCD Cloud of Statics / COSm 05.01 5" cardboard cover / one-tracker, 20 min 2005 €10.00
Automnal 2003 CD AND / OAR and23 masterful field recording drones, our highest recommendation !! 2006 €12.00
Go mCD Ferns Records 'Rhizome 02 lim. 500 2006 €8.00