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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Most mCD-R Malachit M 006 lim. 121 copies 2003 €6.50
Most 12" Nefryt N 017 / Cat Sun CAT1 very first vinyl release for the Polish label NEFRYT known from many great CDR releases presenting the Polish ambient/drone scene (HATI, ARSZYN, UCHO/OKO, etc.); a long play (24min) 12" by MIRT with subtle prepared field recordings &instrumental sounds (clarinet, accordion), very beautiful and softly hypnotic, comes in full colour cover &inlay, lim. ed. 250 copies 2009 €12.50
Heading South LP Backwards BW09 new studio album by this remarkable Polish project with very own style, inspired by B adventure films and 'cheap comic stories", creating a dark & hazy mood; edition of 200 copies on black vinyl 2013 €15.00
Bad Times 7inch Backwards BW15 the exceptional Polish project with a very nice two-track EP, using modular synth, sampler & field recordings, to create hypnotic - repetitive pulsative tracks with a dark mood, the B-side with an almost oriental feeling... 2014 €6.00