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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Collapse 12 Floors CD Ohm Records 0.4 Ohm release from his early laptop phase, not very harsh but rather complex layers of pulsations, noises and collageous tiny bits & pieces... recorded Feb.1999. 3 tracks 54 minutes; special priced 2000 €10.00
Puroland CD OHM Records 0.9 OHM we got some NEW copies of this otherwise deleted album, rec 2000 & 2001; covers look a bit "grabbed" (as they had no sealing) 2001 €10.00
Animal Magnetism CD Alien8 Recordings ALIENCD38 remarkable album showing MERZBOW using sounds of guitars and his chicken pets ! 2003 €13.00
Mini Cycle mCD Ohm Records 1.5 Ohm live radio recording made in March 2003 in Oslo 2004 €6.50
Offering CD Tantric Harmonies TANTRA X23 lim. 505 copies / cardboard cover 2004 €13.00
Merzbuddha CD Important Records IMPREC052 oversized mini-gatefold-sleeve 2005 €13.00
Scene CD Waystyx Records 11 lim. 500 / standard version 2005 €13.00
Coma Berenices CD Vivo Records brandnew material jan 2007 2007 €14.00
Higanbana CD Vivo Records vivo2007032cd digipack 2007 €14.00
Peace for Animals CD Quasi-Pop QPOP CD049 digipack 2007 €13.00
Zophorus CD Blossoming Noise BN 024 Work from 2007, "Speaker-massaging pulsations of psychic skree & frequency abuse." 2007 €13.00
Anicca CD Cold Spring Records CSR107CD on ANICCA the MERZBOWIE-an noise is not only created by electronics, but also in a more conventional way on a drum-set and other instruments, a super furious sonic orgy is created that sets free pure energy!!! 2008 €12.00
Dead Leaves CD Licht-Ung the urban blues for noise-o-phils ! comes in 6-panel full-colour digipack 2008 €12.00
Dolphin Sonar CD Important Records IMPREC 205 Noise against Japanese Dolphin-slaughter! Liner notes from Paul Watson (Greenpeace) ! 2008 €13.50
Eucalypse CD / object Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 154 CD Collector's item ! Definitely one of the most spectacular object-covers we ever saw: "Eucalypse" comes in a hand-crafted round wooden-box with silkscreen-print on it, very heavy & massive & easy to open & close! Wonderful! 4 Inlay cards included, lim. 1000. 2008 €23.00
Here CD L.White Records LW-048 lim. 500 digipack 2008 €13.00
Camouflage CD Essence Music ESS012 back in stock this excellent MERZBOW assault with recordings from 2007, comes in mini-gatefold sleeve on the Brasilian ESSENCE MUSIC label known for exquisite designs! "...we salute the ferocious torrents of abused, imploding and exploding electronics, the sharp, pulverizing and abrasive high frequencies and the unrelenting punishment of frenzied throbbing machine-screams witnessed in the controlled cacophonic environment of Camouflage!" 2009 €14.00
Graft LP Cold Spring Records CSR129LP standard version lim. 400 green vinyl 2010 €15.50
Graft (special edition) LP + 7" Cold Spring Records CSR129LP* lim. 150 green vinyl with bonus 7" ! collector's item, usually only available through Cold Spring mailorder! 2010 €25.00
Marmo CD Old Europa Cafe OECD131 dedicated to Venezian Marble & the Italian "psychedelic Botanica" author LEO LIONNI; MERZPSYCHOMUZAK NOISE, marbled paper effect cover with golden letterings 2010 €13.00
Ouroboros CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 170 CD long one-tracker (57 min) wandering through different noise-landscapes from harsh attacks to rather quiet low-fi moments.. comes in a fabulous handmade screen-printed 8-panel cover with lovey gold print, lim. 500 2010 €15.50
Zara 10inch Licht-Ung rare 10", silk-screen cover, postcard & sticker, lim. 290 copies 2010 €15.00
Kamadhenu CD Hypnagogia (GO01) powerful spacey drone-industrial (not really harsh) based on massive analogue waves & weird electronic & instrumental (?) sounds... amazing noise-jam stuff again from MERZBOW who takes more and more new sound-pathways lately.. lim. 300 2011 €12.00
Lop Lop do-CD Rustblade RBL033BOX complex new material, poly-powered noises, better than ever! Special edition, lim. 299 copies, comes in DVD box with postcard, inlay, sticker & "pendant" 2011 €24.00
Lowest Music & Arts 1980-1983 10 x LP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD108 collection of really rare, earliest material recorded 1980-1983, either unreleased so far or published on MC only on his first tape label "Lowest Arts & Music" and ZSF Produkt; comes in black silkscreened WOODEN box with extensive booklet, lim. 500 2012 €170.00
Duo 10 x CD BOX Tourette Records TOURETTE 032   2013 €60.00
Tamayodo pic-LP Rustblade rbllp002 rare pic-LP with new recordings made 2013, lim. 299 copies only ! 2013 €29.00
Nezumimochi pic-LP & CD Cold Spring Records CSR200P jubilee release on the British industrial institution Cold Spring Records, a nicely designed MERZBOW picture disc (showing ornamental rat-tails), two side-long pieces recorded summer 2014... "Over 90 minutes of crunchy, intense noise, complex structures, and hypnotic samples, all with that special Merzbow touch"; CD version of the same album included, lim. 500 2014 €20.00
Konchuuki CD Essence Music ESS023 third MERZBOW album with finest 'harsh noise psychedelia' on the Brazilian label, very nice artwork (mini-gatefold styled cover)- lim. 400 only; "Throbbing machine screams and screeches, pulsating analog rhythms and piercing frequencies" 2015 €14.00
Wildwood CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD116 "Do bears like harsh noise?" Four long, more psychedelic studio tracks, dedicated to the Wildwood Trust in Kent, England.. "...harsh noise that isnt scattered but rather furiously flatlined, his units all screeching with sounds as gruesome as feedback. Under this current of hatred he cultivates almost kraut-like rhythms that sound like theyve been caught in a sandstorm." [Robin/Norman Rec.] 2015 €14.00
Kakapo LP Oaken Palace Records OAK-10   2016 €20.00
Rembland Assemblage do-LP Urashima UMA 115 Listen to the earliest MERZBOW!=> Recordings from 1980 that came out on cassette in 1981; completely different from today, he used varius instruments, radio, and for the first time tape manipulations, everything completely analogue! Lim. 199 copies, silver silkscreen cover with the 5 original collages by MASAMI AKITA from 1980 2016 €35.00
Hyakki Echo HYBRID (CD+VINYL) Dirter Promotions DPROMCV133 startling release on "hybrid" format which has a playable vinyl side on 5" (33 rpm), and a full playing CD side!! And the sounds are very unusual and experimental for MERZBOW, improvised object noises in muliple layers and configurations, no typical harsh noise at all, great one !!! Comes in die cut gatefold sleeve, lim. 500 2017 €20.00
Tomarigi LP Bedouin Records BDNOG003   2017 €16.00
Wildwood II LP Dirter Promotions DPROMLP126 this is the follow up album to the CD from 2015, containing two side long tracks of MERZBOW "psychedelic" direction, feeling like a brutal hallucination after a while.. lim. 500 2017 €25.00