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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
FrequencyLib LP Ritornell RIT23 absolute last copies back in stock from this nice LP on the MILLE PLATEAUX sublabel 2001 €10.00
On Tape CD Hpna H.18   2004 €14.00
Radioland CD Die Schachtel DSART06 re-issue in standard digipack 2009 €14.00
A Static Place CD 12K 12k1064 using the earliest recordings of music from the late Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque (1928 - 1932) etched on 78rpm records as sound source 2011 €14.00
To describe George Washington Bridge 10 Dekorder 051 Atmospheric Nostalgia! Follower-release to the nice "The Key to Kingdom" 10" from 2009 using a similar concept & design, this time based on old G.F.HNDEL records from 1912 & 1946 2011 €10.00
The falling Rocket do-LP Dekorder [067] nine new pieces spread on 4 LP sides, created on Farfisa organ, gramophone, Hohner Electronium and Radio... very focused multil-layered organic drones, like ROTHKOs monochrome pictures transformed into sound (as Frans de Waard says)... comes w. nice gatefold cover 2013 €20.00