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Mue (la demeure brillante) mCD Metamkine MKCD007 back in stock one of the remarkable releases in the nice Metamkine "Cinema pour l'oreille" mini-CD series; this 21 min long electro-acoustic piece in 7 parts uses extreme poetry/vocals (with texts by french writer WILLIAM PELLIER)and eruptive cut-up/fragmented/processed instrumental and electronic sounds, forming something bewildering beyond all typical genres... special priced now ! 1993 €5.00
L'incandescence de l'etoile mCD Stichting Mixer mxmcd4 spec. cardboard cover 2004 €6.00
Noord Five Atlantica CD Cesare 05/12/1/1 fantastic piece by the French composer, full of tension and intensity; listen to the sounds of seagulls, ship-horns, dark drones, fragmented human voices, weather sounds, cut ups.. an almost H÷rspiel-like form of musique concrete 2006 €13.00
Adele et Hadrien. Le Livre des Vacances do-CD Optical Sound OS 033 lim. 300 2008 €20.00
Knud un Nom de Serpent CD Intransitive Recordings INT014 re-issue of this great work from 1999 2008 €12.00
Alpha Z Centauris MC Mirror Tapes MT010 three older compositions on this C-30, lim. 250, professional edition & duplication, import from Malaysia (!) 2011 €9.00
23 Formes en Elastique / The Only Authentic Work BOOK & CD SUB JAM sub jam m002 Chinese release (very nice 120 p. full colour book and CD) by YAN JUN and L. MARCHETTI, who went for this through his archives of the past 23 years (field recordings, compositions, experiments..) to create 23 new tracks; in the book are 23 essays by YAN JUN on art, literature and music, the music sounds cryptic, fragmented, confusing, abstract... "a labyrinth of elasticity, empty space, reality and its metamorphose. A material world of sound." great release, lim./numbered 500 copies 2013 €28.00