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Exorcismes from all my Fingers do-LP INYRDISK iyd59-60 "a modern freak out unlike any other" - epic MAMA BAER album spread on 4 sides - unclassifiable animalistic catharsis-music & noises, which share a very own dark & hysteric beauty... "MAMA BR release of the century " says Kommissar Hjuler; "one of the premier all-solo slices of female to come of the underground in years" [Volcanic Tongue); lim. 250 full colour cover & inlay 2012 €28.00
Mitten im Wald MC Voluntary Whores VOWHO011 C-20 with two short & extreme sound-collages using speed-up found sounds from horror-movies combined with scary voice overs, crazy sung pop chants & more hard to stand outflows....11th tape on the great German tape label, always using coloured MC bodies & oversized art-covers (21x21cm) with additional object inside (this time something from the forest), lim. to only 41 copies !! 2013 €8.00