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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Macbeth CD Mute Records STUMM 70 "Music for Life and Theatre, performed in Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, 1987/1988" 1989 €14.00
Volk CD Mute Records CDSTUMM276   2006 €14.50
Neu Konservatiw pic-LP Cold Spring Records CSR38P first vinyl re-issue of this "semi official" LP that was recorded live in Hamburg in July 1985 during "Die Erste Bombardierung ber dem Deutschland Tour"; including a very long version of 'Nova Akropola' 2014 €18.00
Nova Akropola LP Optic Nerve OPT4. 016 re-issue of their second and maybe most impressive album (1986) during their early experimental & industrial phase... incl. DIE LIEBE; comes on 180 gr. colour (silver) vinyl with two b/w posters 2014 €19.50
Live in Hell at V2 LP Vinyl On Demand VOD84.6 re-issue of the legendary tape from V2 (1985) with a live recording at their venue from 1985 - this was also part of the VOD84 release "Gesamtkunstwerk"; lim. 400 2016 €16.50
Bossanova Remixes maxi-CD Moloko Plus PLUS 96 four massive remixes of "Bossanova" from the 'Spectre' (2014) album, by: A.I. ZERO, FLASH BEACH, MELTING RUST OPERA, and MIND AREA; also available as 12" vinyl (please ask) 2017 €10.00