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Format: CD-EP
Label & Cat.Number: Hushush HSH17-CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: comes in hand made / hand folded cardboard cover / KAPOTTE MUZIEK recorded live at the "Garage Festival" in Stralsund, Germany, Aug 31, 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.50

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Zwei Gruppen mit denselben Mitgliedern, die sich quasi selbst remixen und dabei doch nicht ganz dieselben sind?
Ein KM-Mitschnitt vom GARAGE-Festival in Stralsund vom August 2004 wurde auf GOEMatischer Art und Weise remixed, das ist ziemlich kurios, wie die knochentrockenen, knarzenden & rieselnden Objekt-Gerusche und Field Recordings sich in loopig-repetitive Muster verwandeln und durch Filter gejagt werden, wobei etablierte Texturen sich immer wieder verndern und neu abgelst werden durch weitere neue... ein One-Tracker von 21 Minuten Lnge.

"The challenge of asking two bands evolving in two different sonic universe to collaborate is not quite one, but asking two bands consisting of the same members to collaborate with each other is a real one! When asked by Hushush to confront Kapotte Muzieks sound - made from instruments consisting of discarded objects, discovered by the trio on locations and played in combination with prerecorded found sounds - with Goems pulses and shifting layers of rhythm, the three Dutch minimalists were enthusiastic and dived into the studio, only to discover that trying to combine the two trios was near to impossible. So a different course was decided on. A Kapotte Muziek live recording was edited and subsequently used to create Goem tracks, which were then mixed back into the live recording. Complicated you ask? "Well, in a way it is, but the result is definitely worth the trouble!" are saying the three brains from this double trio collaboration. Kapotte Muzieks sound is an electroacoustic experience with many subtleties and almost cinematic qualities. Frans de Waards interest in Roel Meelkops Student Stimulator, a device discovered in a thrift shop and made audible by Roel led to the creation of Goem. Their minimal sound consist of simple pulses used by Frans to create dense layers to which on Roels suggestion they added analog synthesizers and filtering. Goem makes electronic music in its purest form (very dutch, really). The confrontation of both universes bring this release a crispy, dense, well defined and minimal sound. A very "boeiend" experience. Never before you heard Goem nor Kapotte Muziek sound that way! Short and sweet."
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