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COSTER, TIM - Star Mill

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Claudia CLaudi_015
Release Year: 2007
Note: highly praised drone-release by this New Zealand-artist, to discover!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Neben FABIO ORSI ein weiterer Geheimtip des Jahres in Sachen "sensible Drones", TIM COSTER benutzt hier Feld-, Instrumental- und Objektaufnahmen, das ganze wirkt sehr "organisch", schwer zu beschreiben aber es hat eine eigene "Handschrift"... magic daylight ambience... to discover !

"New solo recordings, three long drone pieces over 37 minutes. Made from layered instrument, object, & field recordings. Recorded March - July 2007, using bass guitar, ocarina, accordian, bells, harmonica, mbira, cloves, bottles, bowls, alarm clock, wood and string." [label info]

"Coster also recently released the stunning Star Mill, a 37-minute three-track (or one-track-in-three-parts) EP that's probably the best work he's done yet. As with past releases Landing and Rowboat/Blackberry, Coster uses the laptop to manipulate and layer his field recordings into langurous stretches of humid, trance-inducing ambient tones. The imperceptibility of his sources infuses these untitled pieces with delicate ambiguity, which in turn allows them to develop very visual qualities. The first track begins its epic 20-minute voyage with some faint clicking and tapping, then a sustained hum, then what sounds like an incoming ship's horn. 5 minutes in, glass harp-like slivers seep into the web, with Coster continually shifting and tweaking things to create an intensely warm, womb-like shroud of sound. It eventually ends with a bright clearing, the emergence of life: cars driving by, chiming birds, and something squeaking in the distance. It's just another sublime puzzle piece to Coster's immersive, quietly grand design." [Aaron Yapp - REAL GROOVE MAGAZINE]