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AKERLUND, LARS - Rivers of Mercury / Via Styx

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Firework Edition Records FER1025
Release Year: 2000
Note: two dance-theatre pieces for choreographer PER JONSSON, recorded in 1996 & 1998, by this highly interesting composer from Stockholm, who gets more and more attention these days: with JOHAN SDERBERG (percussion) and JEAN-LOUIS HUHTA (live electronics) abstract and vivid soundscapes with live-sounds and electronically processed material are created, dark pulsations and surrealistic sounds....suspense-filled, excellent stuff, still to discover !
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Quasi der erste Teil von Tanztheater-Stcken von diesem interessanten Stockholmer Komponisten! Exquisite Gerusch-Klangkunst & Elektro-Akustik, sehr perkussiv geprgt..

The rumble and quake of one tone leads to a ringing bell and voices out of a sea of confusion. Many different kind of bells speak to each other in misunderstood introspection. Do tones have secret lives of their own? A more measured cadence bridges backward voice to backwards voice - it's easy to see where this could be rampantly applied in modern dance. Tones vault, frightened flocks of birds in the seas of unease and the rumble and shine reverberates (which incidentally is the longest word one can type using solely the left hand). Mass acceleration hits like a bell that was struck and beats wash effulgently across the speakers and what's being called out by the ringing tone? The end? Drone emerges against the wind and the heavy engine incarnates, pulsing with its own secret heart. Telegraph signals wave in its path and it grows, planet on the prowl. The living thing - the recording that can be turned on, just below the level of hearing, increasing a certain amount of emotion or tension - moves onward, second by inexorable second. How long can the manta ray live? No one knows, not even the sudden voice that appears, gesticulating urgently. A gentle test tone inculcates. A sweeping wave of the sound from hands drinks in the remaining waters from Styx, possibly moving on to Lethe... [DC/Vital Weekly]