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IDEA FIRE COMPANY - The Island of Taste

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Swill Radio 026
Release Year: 2008
Note: incl. booklet
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €18.50
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"I've been waiting for this album to arrive for quite a while. IFCO's previous album Stranded made it to my 'Top Something' of the year and is played regularly with great pleasure. With such high hopes the chances that The Island Of Taste would disappoint are, admittedly, quite high. But The Island Of Taste does not disappoint. Far from it. More than ever IFCO (consisting of mainman/women Scott Foust, Meara OReilly, Jessi Leigh Swenson and Karla Borecky, this time aided by Dr. Timothy Shortell, Graham Lambkin and Frans de Waard) have created their own little safe haven. Like all IFCO releases this albums sounds out of any place or date, much like a journey rather than one static location. This is probably why IFCOs music works much better on LP (where the music benefits from space and length) than on a single format. Inside the colorful cover (a painting of an island with huge plants, which seems to be floating above a sea) you will find an envelope with various cards featuring photos of the band (Karla Borecky looking especially cute - I can't help it, I have a weak spot for pony tails) and essays on the phenomenon that is taste ('Taste is the fundamental quality that sums up all other qualities' - a quote by the Count of Lautreamont - a man who knew everything about taste). In short, the concept behind IFCO's music is that taste has been reduced to a static commonplace. However, true taste (true beauty) is something which needs to be re-discovered by each individual. The Island Of Taste offers a possible journey for such a re-discovery. The album starts off with Land Ho!, featuring sounds of walking/scraping combined with sparse electronics and bells. The title track, Lost Victories and Like Old Days all consist of sparse piano playing, bird and rain sounds, singing (on Heroes Of The Last Barricade), remote feedback and tape hiss. But, as always, I find the music of IFCO hard to put into words. Somehow the words (also those in this review) tend to remove the beauty from the sound, which is not what IFCO is about. There is so much to discover in this record. To paraphrase Scott Foust: I think of my work as a timebomb set for a mythical future. I would like to see it explode during my lifetime, but if that does not obtain, I will die knowing it is still there. Ticking". That sums up the output of IFCO perfectly. Beauty waiting to be discovered by those willing to shake off convention. This is a beautiful record." [FK / Vital Weekly]