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IKEDA, RYOJI - 1000 fragments

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Raster-Noton raster089
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of this groundbreaking work and first IKEDA-CD from 1995
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"This afternoon I spent some time with nostalgia, flipping through Vital, when it was a real, small fanzine on paper. I was looking for a review of '1000 Fragments' by Ryoji Ikeda. When released in 1995 Vital was still on paper, and then shifting in that year to an e-mail newsletter. For whatever reason, I didn't review it, nobody did, but I don't know why. In the world of digital music there are a few groundbreaking records, and '1000 Fragments' is one (oddly enough 'Get Out' by Pita was also just re-released) for sure. Ikeda plays around, for the first time, with digital sound manipulation in a highly vivid mix of radio sounds, sine waves and clicki-click rhythms. If you hear this now it is perhaps a bit too much of plunderphonics, certainly in 'Channel X' (which spans nine tracks), but all the elements of the future Ikeda is in there, best captured in '5 Zones' and 'Luxus'. Not as refined and heavy in the real low and real high end of his later work, this is however a landmark of digital electronic music, one of the few starting points for so many of what is discussed in Vital these days. I didn't hear this in a long time and I am still amazed by it's quality. Much needed re-issue. " [FdW / Vital Weekly]