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COURTIS / MARHAUG - Jordslev Hojalrde

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Quasi-Pop QPOP MC046
Release Year: 2007
Note: ed. of 100 / nice colour-printed cardboard-cover / collaboration and solo-tracks by LASSE MARHAUG & ANLA COURTIS
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

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Altes, erstklassiges Collab-Material von (ex-REYNOLS) Anla Courtis und LASSE MARHAUG, dronig, low-fi, wellend, rauh & geruschig..
Sechs Stcke entstanden gemeinsam 1987 & 1988, dazu gibt es jeweils eine Solo-Zugabe von beiden auf jeder Seite. Professionelle Vollfarb-Hlle, mehr davon !

"This is the old-fashioned a bit, but lovely a lot tape-release. Its based mostly on recordings made by Lasse Marhaug and Anla Courtis together in 1998, but remains unreleased for now. Two additional solo pieces (last tracks on each side of the cassette) were recorded in 2007 to complete the entire project. As a result, now we have plenty of taped dark fluctuations of the low drones, some heavy processed location recordings & minimal organic noises.
'Jordslev Hojaldre' released on chrome tape and each cassette recorded on hi-quality cassette deck using Dolby B noise reduction system." [label notes]

"Perhaps Quasipop assume that a cassette player is no longer part of the Vital HQ, but it still is, albeit unconnected to the amplifier. They send a CDR version of a cassette only release by Lasse Marhaug and Anla Courtis. To release it in that format is a brave thing to do, I think. They did some recording together in 1998, which was shelved until now. Together with two new solo pieces it comes in the old form of a cassette. The interesting thing about this is that its not the full blown noise attack, but rather a low volume drone affair. A heavy long sustaining wall of sound, from sources unknown, work on the brain.
I was wondering if they had the cassette format in mind when they were recording this. I am listening to the CDR, but I can imagine that the sound will be a bit muffled when played on a cassette and that the hiss will create an additional texture of sound. Quite a pleasing work of ambient industrial music." [FdW / Vital Weekly]