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MERZBOW / BAND OF PAIN - Reptile / Insect

Format: pic-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Dirter Promotions DPROMPLP60
Release Year: 2008
Note: split LP lim. 1000 ; with sticker
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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Fein gestaltete Split Picture-LP die sich wieder auf die Tierwelt bezieht - MERZBOWs Seite heisst "Reptile Side" und klingt hier eher "linear", mit einigen berraschenden "flachen" fast Sinuston-artigen Feedback- & Distortion-Parts die weniger krachig sind; das orchestrale dark ambient Projekt von Dirter Labelbetreiber STEVE PITTIS setzt auf der "Insect Side" auf rckwrtige dark drones und verfremdete Piano-Klnge, das erinnert an BASS COMMUNION und ANDREW LILES..

"I don't know whether Merzbow's been following David Attenborough's Life In Cold Blood series for the BBC, but he's certainly set to capture the hearts of the programme's noise-loving demographic. This split picture disc features the Merzbow piece 'The Celebration Of The Lizard', as signposted by the underside of some undisclosed reptile leg printed across the playing surface. It almost goes without saying, but there's no more reliable a source of noise music, even after all these years and all those album releases. Masami Akita is till at the apex of noise music. The side begins with some Hecker-like cleanliness and precision only to slowly complicate itself with a polyphony of creamy distortion tones and a thickening of the bandwidth. The tone shifts slightly to incorporate a more physical, industrial edge at times, but the searing purity of the synthetic sounds used throughout should be considered exemplary to all electronic racket merchants. On the other side, Band Of Pain run with an insect theme. Fear not though: the image on the playing side isn't really clear enough to give you buggy nightmares. Instead, you can focus on the Lustmord-style swathes of quiet, dark ambience that swell and drift across the side. Excellent work from both parties." [Boomkat]