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COELACANTH - The Chronograph

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS000
Release Year: 2003
Note: first Coelacanth album, ed. of 500 with hand rusted covers. last copies!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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COELACANTH is the sound-research project of LOREN CHASSE (who is also in ID BATTERY and works solo) and JIM HAYNES (which you can at daylight - usually find inside the rooms of the legendary record-shop AQUARIUS RECORDS in S.F.). Their first CD is a journey into natural and concrete sounds, something you could name microtonal ambience maybe: these strange low-fi noises suggest me to be inside another electric micro-dimensional level (or even atomic level) of sound... quite fascinating! Comes with a great handmade rust-cover, each one unique.
...In addition to the chemical reactions and metal vibrations that were recorded as part of The Chronograph's initial "rusting" concept, you'll hear bells, shortwave radio static, feedback, and more, all processed into what both Jim and Loren accurately describe as a "phosphorescent" sound. Rustings, and rubbings, and rustlings, like some arcane ceremony involving broken miniature machines and electric underwater pulsations. Ominous rumblings full of tension, and sudden dis-connections. Lovely stuff. By the way, this disc is not only the first release for the Coelacanth duo, but also for Jefre Cantu of Tarentel's new Partition label. [info from Aquarius Records]

label: www.helenscarsdale.com