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PHAENON - Submerged

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Malignant Records TUMORCD30
Release Year: 2007
Note: artwork by K. ENDERLEIN (LOKI / INADE), digipack
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Debut-Album eines neues polnischen Dark Ambient-Projekts, extrem kosmisch, spacig und dunkel, rauschend & unendlich weitlufig hallend... ein one-tracker von ber 65 Minuten, Anklnge an YEN POX, INADE, AMON... absolut kontemplativer Space-Sound...

"With the debut release from Phaenon, it is immediately evident a heavyweight has arrived. The brainchild of Polish born, but current Maryland resident, Szymon Tankiewicz, Submerged is a dark ambient tour de force. Visually and sonically enveloping, this is an album of space and texture, slowly revealing a psychoactive soundscape of majestic, arcing timbres, circadian buzzes, and expansive drones. Heavy, and cosmically weighty in the beginning, Submerged evolves into something more minimalist and serene, radiating a celestial beauty, yet becoming even more bleak and suffocating as it progresses over its 66 minute time frame. Experienced from start to finished, theres a palpable sense of drifting and drowning, of being carried away into an endless, interstellar vacuum. An exciting new project, and a must for dark ambient purists. Check out Phaenons myspace page for excerpts of new works at www.myspace.com/szymontankiewicz, as well as the Malignant myspace page for an excerpt of Submerged at www.myspace.com/malignantrecords. In stylish 6 panel digipak, artwork by K. Enderlein (LOKI), mastered by Thomas Garrison..." [label info]