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MARANHA, DAVID - Marches of the new world

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Grain of Sound GOS21
Release Year: 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Ein h÷chst Řberraschendes Album von DAVID MARANHA, der hier quasi im Band-Kontext mit Hammond-Orgel, Violine & einer Dobro-Resonatorgitarre sehr rauhe und kraftvollen psychedelischen Drone produziert hat... unterstŘtzt wurde er von HELENA ESPVALL (Cello), JOAO MILAGRE (Bass) und ANTONIO FORTE (Drums). Zusammen erschaffen sie treibende, r÷hrende, endlos mńandernde & langsam perkussive Improvisationen mit starkem 60 & 70's Minimal Music-Bezug!

"Marches of the new World', new record by legendary Portuguese underground figure David Maranha, who has also been putting out music with the mythical Osso Exˇtico unit for almost 20 years (his previous release was with PatrÝcia Machßs and drone duo Minit as Organ Eye, who put out a self-titled album on the Staubgold label), is his more recent study & advancement in exploring, witnessing and generating new slices of blissful, savaged drone music." [label info]

"...The drone music played by this group is one that stands in a long tradition: from Yves Klein, Tony Conrad, LaMonte Young and Velvet Underground. Ongoing, banging rhythm features, with a dominant role for organ and cello, but, certainly in 'Infinity March' also for the rhythm section, which placed at the end makes a beautiful grand finale. The four preceding tracks are quieter, certainly 'Virgins Visions' (which is the only solo piece by Maranha here), but in the other three tracks things already rock like hell or drone like heaven. It moves away from the previous works by Maranha, which was the more classical overtone pieces of resonating strings and beautiful humming wave fields. The music is harsher, grittier, more angular, and I must admit very nice, because it goes back to a tradition which is not copied these days very much, and certainly not as nice. Its a great thing to see this done here, moving away from his earlier work, but still re-inventing drone music. Great stuff." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

labelwebsite: www.grainofsound.com