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SHIFTS - Trees / Leaves

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Entr'acte E43
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim. 200 / the last recordings of SHIFTS
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Dies soll die allerletzte SHIFTS-Verffentlichung sein, dem reinen "drone" oder "minimal" Projekt von FRANS DE WAARD. Zwei wunderbar organische, aber sehr "nahe" und konkrete Drones, die eher nach Streichern klingen (aber auf einer viersaitigen spanischen Gitarre beruhen) breiten sich hier aus, etwas fuzzy, auf "Trees" mit Glockenklang-artigen berlagerungen und Obertnen.... eine berzeugene Abschiedvorstellung von SHIFTS!

"This record is Shifts probable farewell, following over a decade of recordings and concerts. Initiated by Frans de Waard for a soft guitar record on Richo Johnsons Fourth Dimension label in 1995, the project
has evolved to include many releases, all distinguished by their singular
instrumentation (including two deviations from the guitar Sonates and Interlude uses the piano, while One Piece for Cymbal has a single
cymbal). Trees/Leaves was made with a four-string Spanish guitar de Waard bought for one Euro on Koninginnedag (Dutch Queens Day)
in 2004. Besides running his Korm Plastics label and recording variously as Kapotte Muziek, Goem, Freiband or Captain Black, Frans de Waard is also the founder and editor of Vital Weekly, the music news and reviews bulletin he had been publishing 48 times a year since 1987 an impressive commitment in our fickle times. First edition of 200 copies" [label info]
"Added liner notes to a release are a bliss for both the listener as the reviewer: they put the music into context, often adding an additional perspective to the composer's work. On this album the liner notes include the full history of Shifts as well as an explanation why this work was recorded. In short: Shifts was formed in 1995 when Frans de Waard (Shifts' main- and only man) discovered the electrical guitar, which is interesting when you realize that De Waard is not an instrument-man at all; he is best at working with sounds rather than playing them on an instrument. Over the years, De Waard created many Shifts pieces, which are mostly layered re-workings of guitar sounds in a traditional Steve Reichian-way. Personal favorite of Shift records is the limited album "Leaving/At Last" which is well-worth hunting for if you got time, money and patience (as it is limited to 25 copies!). However, after a number of vinyl and CD releases and live performances, De Waard decided to stop working as Shifts. The reason was that he felt he had reached his limitations of what he considered possible by using the electrical guitar as sound source. This is a praise worthy decision and I know quite a few artists who would benefit from a similar decision. When, in 2004, De Waard bought a 4 string Spanishguitar he recorded the final three Shifts pieces; Trees, Leaves and Branches, two of which appear on this album. Both Trees and Leaves are long minimal layered guitar experiments, with just enough variation and depth to warrant your attention and enough similarity to lull you into a comfortable listen. Those qualifications are what makes this album great and probably the best Shifts album out there. One small, but very important point of criticism though. The Entracte releases do not come in an LP cover. Instead, they are packed in plastic with the record in a plastic inner sleeve and a flimsy piece of paper. This is an insult for the artist and his/her music. Do not let the packaging stop you from getting this album though; it's the best Shifts you'll ever buy!" [FK / Vital Weekly]