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COURTIS / WEHOWSKY - Return of the Stone Spirits

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt139 / BLACK SERIES NEGRO 3
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim./numb/signed 300 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Sechs weitere Dokumente von Anrufungen der "strangest sounds"! Auch die dritte Nummer der "Black Series" dringt in Bereiche vor, die herrlich weitab des Mainstreams liegen... RALF WEHOWSKY aka RLW setzt hier seine Improvisationserkundungen fort mit ANLA COURTIS (ex REYNOLS), sie benutzen Gitarre und verschiedene Violinen, sowie "stuff in plastic bag" (was immer das sein mag), irgendwelche Ringe oder MetallSpiralen, etc..
teils ist das ein furioser Noise-Blast, teils wirkt es wie geräuschflächige Unebenheiten, die wie verschmutzte Partikel durch den Äther wirbeln...
es gibt aber auch ganz ruhige Kratz- & Summsounds, die wie atmosphärische Störungen scheinen, oder hörbar gemachte Luftdruckveränderungen ....

"For Ralf Wehowsky the collaboration is the prime method to work. More and more, so it seems, he works with people in his home studio in Germany's Eggenstein, such a November day in 2005 when Anla Courtis of Reynols fame came, armed with coils, guitar, argentinian violin, 'stuff in a plastic bag' and sampler to do some 'quasi-live' recordings with Wehowsky (coils, guitar, cambodian violin, kalimba, cappuccino shaker and CD scratch). In the time after that some sound transformation was done. As with other collaborations of this nature by Wehowsky, this too is more a work of improvisation than of careful post production, a bit like his work with Bruce Russell. The pieces are improvised and perhaps cut short, or edited, but throughout the pieces the element of improvisation prevails. Both gentleman know how to make a fire, as their work is not really careful or detailed. Sound effects, used in real time, are applied to quite some extent, such as distortion. This makes this work into a more harsher one than what we commonly think when we hear music by Wehowsky (although the third track shows a bit of detailed sound and takes matters a bit more into control), but it's certainly a solid and strong work by the both of them. Maybe a bit of an odd ball for Wehwosky, but fans of Courtis should be pleased." [FdW / Vital Weekly]