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INFANT CYCLE & RAMUNAS YARAS / DELPHIUM - Translation / Heart full of Soul

Format: do-mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Diophantine Discs n=5,6
Release Year: 2007
Note: last copies back in stock of this very nicely packed (4 x 8" gatefold cover, full colour) split release of two Drone Records artists from Canada & England - hypnotic, quasi-rhythmic experimental drones at its best! Lim. 100 - special offer now !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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Die Wiederkehr des britischen, vor langer Zeit (DR-24) auch auf Drone gefeatureten Projekts DELPHIUM! "Heart full of Soul" besteht aus fnf berwiegend aggressiven "pulse'n'noise"-tracks, basierend auf Gitarrenklngen (das merkt man kaum), harsch und metallisch-mechanisch rhythmisiert, mit wie immer sehr dsterem Unterton...
THE INFANT CYCLE dagegen arbeitete fr die zweite mCDR mit RAMUNAS YARAS (aka ENDICHE VIS.SAT) zusammen, der Klarinett-Klnge beisteuerte; entstanden ist ein grossartiger, hitziger, fast flirrend-rhythmischer track, dronig-melancholische Zwischenspiele, sowie mysterise Klanglandschaften die auf verfremdeten Vogelstimmen, Radiokurzwellen & "feedback generators" bestehen... starke Kontraste auf einer hervorragenden Split-Verffentlichung! Das ganze in schlankem Hochformat, ein sehr kurioses Cover, professionell gestaltet, lim. 100 !

"Heart Full of Soul," nearly 23 minutes, is one of Delphium's darkest and noisiest recordings to date. The very direct and engaging work features tracks ranging from droning dark ambient to distorted and expressive rhythmic beats. "Translation" is a 20-minute release consisting primarily of The Infant Cycle processing and supplementing avantgarde clarinet recordings by Ramunas Yaras. The resulting experimental (and somewhat rhythmic) pieces fall variously within the spectrum between ambient drone and noise. This release is presented as a pro-printed 2x3"CDr set, packaged in a special color folder sleeve, and limited to 100 copies. Delphium has been active since 1993, releasing numerous vinyl and CD releases on labels such as Drone, Moloko+, Hibou, and his own Aquese label. The Infant Cycle, active since 1992, has many releases on labels such as EE Tapes, Blade, Hands, and his own label, The Ceiling. Ramunas Yaras is a Lithuanian experimental composer and writer who is also known for his work in Endiche Vis.Sat and Magic Carpathians Project." [label info]