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GIRNU GIESMES - Tiems, kas budi uz slenkscio

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Autarkeia acd014
Release Year: 2006
Note: lim. 500 / digipack. recommended album by the Lithuanian post- & ambient industrial pioneers, focused on the archaic thinking expressed in myths
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Das lange existierende litauische Projekt GIRNU GIESMES prsentiert auf "Tiems,..." einen ausgefeilten Mix aus elektronischer Drone-Ambience & experimentellen Soundscapes, meist hypnotisch pulsierend, insgesamt eher elektronisch ausgerichtet, mitunter leicht rhythmisch (aber nie banal, eher langsam driftend), Gerusch- & Voice-samples sind auch dabei, das ganze ist sehr spannend arrangiert...
Anklnge an TELEPHERIQUE, VROMB, instrumentelle COIL oder BAD SECTOR, aber sehr eigenstndig..
still to discover !

"Laurynas Jukonis, the author of GIRNŲ GIESMĖS project and the pioneer of the Lithuanian post-industrial, has dedicated his ninth album Tiems, kas budi u slenksčio (For Those Who Keep Vigil Beyond the Threshold) to the next element of the archaic worldview of the Lithuanians, that is, the mythological sagas. To be more precise, it is dedicated to the weird reality functioning in accordance with specific laws in sagas that has been deeply ingrained in human mind from time immemorial. The modern rationalism has not managed to destroy this system until our days. Probably the mythological reality with all its strange creatures can relatively be called the remnant of the evolved shamanism. This is arcane, but not necessarily unapproving worldview of the supernatural world as the dark powers. The latest GIRNŲ GIESMĖS album conveys exactly these features. Each track projects a fascinating interpretation of the archaic thinking system in music. Vivacious and a bit eerie music of Tiems, kas budi u slenksčio album is difficult to define in terms of music style. Some tracks sound with mysterious psychedelic ambient, while the others reverberate with bizarre broken rhythms and loops. Yet, a strong and interesting mood is undoubtedly created by the rich and professionally compiled sound collages featured in the CD." [label info]