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GROULT, CHRISTINE - La condition captive

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Trace 023
Release Year: 2007
Note: collection of 8 works with incredible intense, dynamic & detailed musique concrete! Dark & poetic sound sculptures
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Collection of works created 1990-2006 by this female French composer, who also had a mCD in the Metamkine-series "cinema pour l'oreille". In these 8 pieces she establishes a very powerful music which doesn't sound "electro-acoustic" in a classical sense at all - it's more like a very intense & dark experimental earplay-collage, with an incredible amount of different & very clear concrete sounds derived from objects, instruments & the environment, but highly effected & assembled in an fascinating way. Pure cinema for the ears, our highest praise !!
Imagine the intensity of BRUME of combined with the sound-detail richness of DHOMONT or PARMEGIANI...

"Pierres cantabiles' (2004), 'La condition captive' (2003), 'Sourire de l'ange' (2006), 'Si l'oiseau par hasard...' (1998), 'Vertiges' (2005), 'Thme d'Ubu' (1992), 'Promenade d'enfance' (1990), 'Dvoilement' (1997).
Pupil, at the same time, of the Groupe de Recherche Musical (GRM) - Radio France - directed by Pierre Schaeffer, of the Conservatoire Exprimental of Pantin and of the Sorbonne in musicology, Christine Groult becomes assistant of the Department of Pedagogy of the IRCAM under the direction of Pierre Boulez. Titular of CA of electroacoustic, she becomes responsible for the studio electroacoustic of the academy of Chalon-sur-Sane in 1985. Since 1990, she teaches the electroacoustic composition at the National School of Music of Pantin. Christine Groult composes musics of concert, theatre, choreography, documentary and of sounds/lights spectacles. She registers her work in the search for an expressive music which is addressed to the emotion. It is the poetic potential of the sounds and the search for new sound dramaturgies which interest her particularly. Electroacoustic music is its mode of expression, this form of composition which is practised on computer, is concrete. Such as a sculptor, she works the sound matter, she metamorphose it in a musical universe with an infinite evocative capacity. This music diffused on an orchestra of loudspeakers adapts to all kinds of architectures and sites. Christine works in its personal studio in Paris." [label info]