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PANTALEIMON - Cloudburst

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Durtro Jnana
Release Year: 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"Pantaleimon (pronounced 'Pan-ta-lay-mon') is the adopted moniker of vocalist and composer Andria Degens. Sometimes collaborating with friends, though often alone, she creates beautifully haunting and meditative music. Cloudburst, her first recording as Pantaleimon since 2002's Change My World, features four tracks of hypnotic vocal passages that together form a long conceptual piece, which, Degens says, '...is symbolic of the journey every human being makes in a lifetime... the transformation, transfiguration, the state of being, the space between heaven and Earth.' Initially packaged with a limited, hand-printed edition of Degens's poetry and drawings, Cloudburst is now available as a proper CD release." [press release]

"Pantaleimon is the work of Andria Degens, who may be best known as the wife of David Tibet from Current 93; and she, like many of Tibet's friends and partners, has contributed on occasion to the Current 93 cause. It goes without saying that the Pantaleimon project shares plenty of Current 93's inspirations from British folk music; but where Tibet uses those musical archetypes as a medium for mystical revelation, Degens' approach is far more impressionistic and delicate. Given song titles such as "Crystalline Rain," "Ascension of
the Sun," and the title track of this 20 minute EP, the splendor of nature springs from her elliptical guitar instrumentals that draw
favorable comparisons to the likes of Marissa Nadler and Steven R.Smith." [Aquarius]