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GNTER, BERNHARD - Monochrome White / Polychrome w/neon nails

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Line_005
Release Year: 2001
Note: re-press available
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €20.00

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"Originally begun in 1999, this new series of compositions by German composer Bernhard Gnter utilizes Immedia's in audio work, available on the collection 2 / 1 (LINE_002), as source material, for which the release was originally intended -- an origin for new sound works. The idea for Monochrome White originated while viewing a Bill Voila retrospective in Frankfurt, Germany. Inspired, Gnter conceived that 'the piece would only use high frequency spectra to lift it off the ground, so to speak, and it would only use 'empty' intervals (4ths and 9ths) to not have it rest on a root note, but to keep it harmonically floating/suspended.' The second piece Polychrome w/Neon Nails is a transformation of the Monochrome White, lower in pitch and doubling the rate of change, it results in a sound world that might be likened to a swarm of digital insects.. This release is the first double CD, as well as the first US only full length recording, by Bernhard Gnter." [label info]

label: www.12k.com