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HERBST9 - From a dark Chasm below

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: L.O.K.I. Foundation LOKI21
Release Year: 2006
Note: finally re-released ! Their debut from 1999 ! LAST COPY!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Endlich die Wiederverffentlichung des starken Debuts von 1999 !!

"Neues Projekt aus Leipzig mit dem ersten Album, einem dsteren Industrial-Soundtrack bestehend aus Chorlen, dunklen Pulsationen, ethnorituellen Elementen, konkreten Samples, Geschrei, etc.. in sehr eigenstndiger Weise verdichtet zu einem kleinen Meisterwerk. TIP!" [old Drone Rec info]

"I read the description of this in Malignant's latest catalog and decided I had to have it. This was my first CD on LOKI Foundation, a legendary German label responsible for Inade, Ex. Order, and other pariahs of dark ambience. Having listened to it several times, I can safely say I am blown away. The whole album has a real "mystical" feel to it, like you're listening to music that was made within the bowels of the Egyptian pyramids or in the courtyard of Angkor Wat. The first two songs especially, with the droning chants and slow, rhythmic percussion, have an "epic" sort of sound to them. In The Vein Of Purusa is one of the darker tracks, putting film samples to very good use. That's another thing about this album I noticed - unlike some bands who use far too many film samples, the ones I heard on this album fit the track very well and sounded great within the song. From Below utilizes thick bass to keep something of a "beat" for the song, and the background scrapes and drones give the track a very evil feel." [Remote Induction]