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HERBERT, CHRIS - Mezzotint

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kranky KRANK101CD
Release Year: 2006
Note: very nice electronica/ambient album by the British musician, deep drones and electronic whirrs, subtle harmonies and smooth sinus-tone pulsars plow this full sounding acoustic ocean..
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Schönes Elektronica-Drone Album dieses britischen Musikers.
Tiefe Drones und elektronisches Sirren, so was wie Harmonien durchströmen den vollen Klang, sanfte Sinuston-Pulsarenwellen pflügen den akustischen Ozean...

"Düstere, hypnotische Drone-Entwürfe des in Birmingham beheimateten Avantgarde-Electronica-Künstlers Chris Herbert. Im Untergrund schlägt der Puls eines Beats, während Herbert auf dieser Basis flirrende und durch Synapsen mäandernde Soundcollagen errichtet, die Auseinandersetzung erfordern. Das ist Musik, die die Aufmerksamkeit des Hörers erfordet. Mit jedem Hören erweitert sich das Spektrum an Struktur, die es zu entdecken gilt. Eine Platte, die ins Unermessliche wächst." [Cargo / press release]
"Mezzotint is a collection of digital, textured pieces assembled through the extensive manipulation of found sounds and environmental sources. A dedicated non-musician, Chris Herbert has a long-standing interest in intuitive composition and the elastic nature of sound as a resource, influenced by the collage ethic and the instantaneous capture of performance. Working with decidedly low-tech methods (Chris uses minidiscs, a battle-worn desktop PC and a badly-behaved delay pedal), many of the tracks came into being through guerrilla sessions during his day job. The pieces are essentially improvisations created by extended rehearsal and juxtaposition. Mezzotint is the consequence of a continual process of subtraction and composting, leaving just a trace of melody or the implication of rhythm. The result is a spontaneous, embracing the mystery of faraway broadcasts and the internal experience: a clouded, busy music of vertical activity and blended, indistinct color as opposed to narrative uni-direction. Chris' signature swampy, gaseous, and even dirty, crumpled sound is a welcome contrast to the clean, edgeless granular cloud aesthetic employed by an increasing number of artists." [press release]