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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Infraction Records INFX010
Release Year: 2005
Note: collaboration by the French ambient-masters & the early solo AIDAN BAKER, two favourite Drone Records artists united for a guitarish drone-journey, subharmonic & hypnotic... BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES !!
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Two of our favourite Drone-artists in collaboration the result can only be good ! And so it is, 3 long tracks with many guitarish drone-layers, sometimes digitally transformed, sometimes more loopy, and quite powerful - subharmonics, hypnotic structures, high frequenced sound-drops... its all yer in !

Canadian Aidan Baker's pastoral guitar work shredded to glorious bits by the French. Environmental recordings paint the background with various voices and distant church bells. [label info]

By now Aidan Baker should be a household name, at least to those who read Vital Weekly a lot. He is responsible for many releases on CDR and MP3, but no doubt a steady stream of CDs will follow. On the other hand, the Ultra Milkmaids (or milkies as they call themselves) aren't that productive with releases, despite their many years of existence. Here the three (the milkies are a duo) team up to join forces in a tour de force of ambient music. Set against a background of highly processed ambient drones plays the lonely guitar, plus tons of sound effects, of Baker. In the opening piece 'Part 1 (In The Cube)', both elements have blurred together, but in 'Stretched Guitars Lie Slo', the elements are set against each-other by contrast, still forming a homogenous ambient tapestry. Slowly the guitar transforms from a machine with strings to a more percussive instrument. In the third piece all the used elements become clear: guitars, computer processing and field recordings, with a strong clear Ultra Milkmaids trademark of working. A pretty strong collection of ambient tunes here, perhaps not of the most innovative kind (which is difficult in ambient music anyway), but certainly of higher relaxing nature. [FdW / Vital Weekly]