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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ground Fault GF 024
Release Year: 2003
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

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Sehr fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit des US-Minimal-Drone-Projekts TIDAL mit den apokalyptisch-sakralen CHAOS AS SHELTER und dem ebenfalls aus Israel stammenden Experimentalmusiker IGOR KRUTOGOLOW, die hier eine unheilvolle und schwermütige Atmosphäre heraufbeschwören: bedrohlich–symphonische Drones, pathetische Klagegesänge, tief-eruptive Soundschwälle, schwelende feedbacks, elektronische Sounds und akustische Instrumente oder Soundquellen... ein bedrückend intensiverTrip ins sakrale Herz der Dunkelheit, der sich hier symbolisch auf das biblisch-messianische Heilsversprechen bezieht..

„Tidal is David Brownstead, previously known for his harsh noise project 666 Volt Battery Noise. Now focusing on minimal ambient music, David has released CDs under the name Tidal on Alluvial Recordings and just recently on Manifold Records. "The Four Rivers" on Alluvial, is the first installment in what is to be a trilogy dedicated to and inspired by Mishima. "Golem And Man" on A Pyrrhic Victory/Manifold is his latest release which was released in October 2002. The second installment of the Mishima trilogy is in the works as well as other releases and collaborations.
Conceived in 1999, Vadim Gusis (Chaos as Shelter) is Israel's premier solo composer of Soundscape, Neo-Folk, Ambient Drone music...He currently has three CDr releases, one 3" CDr, 2 CDs, a double CD and a 7" record in his discography. He works out of New Jerusalem Studio.
Igor Krutogolov is an experimental multi-instrumentalist (including cello, piano and throat singing) based in Jaffa, Israel. He is a frequent contributor to Chaos As Shelter as well as various other projects in genres ranging from ambient to improvisation to harsh noise. His solo work has appeared on various compilations and he is currently working on upcoming solo and collaborative releases. Historically "The Ingathering of Exiles" is when, in the Messianic age, all Jewish people, including the Ten Lost Tribes, would gather from their exile around the world to Israel. The Ground Fault Recordings CD, "Ingathering of Exiles" is an idea that explores the shared
heritage of the three collaborators.” [label description]