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Format: CD-EP
Label & Cat.Number: Constellation Records CST-030-2
Release Year: 2004
Note: silkscreen / gatefold / art-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Neue mLP der Gruppe deren Name sich mit jedem Release stets leicht ndert poetischer PostRock der besonderen Sorte, diese mLP trieft nur so vor einnehmender Melancholie... immer wieder herzzereissende Streicher & hypnotische Instrumental- und Gesangsstrukturen.... Anklnge an GODSPEED, RACHELs, SET FIRE TO FLAMES....

The "Pretty Little Lightning Paw" E.P., originally available (on CD only) at shows during The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band European tour in Winter 2004, will be released to shops on both formats in May 2004. The E.P. contains all new songs, with a total running time of just over 30 minutes.
"More Action! Less Tears!" opens the record - a noisy clarion call of chiming instrumental rock driven by a long wraparound riff & recorded live off the floor during the This is Our Punk-Rock... (cst027) sessions. This cut finds various Mt. Zion players trading/switching instruments for the rockout, with cascading tape treatments added by Efrim in the mixdown. Three more songs follow which Efrim began recording in sporadic late-night sessions at the hotel2tango in Montreal over Summer and Fall of 2003. All three were built up from Efrim's initial vocals and guitar, with co-founding Mt. Zion member Thierry collaborating closely on instrumental & backing vocal arrangements and Jessica working up violin and vocal parts as well. A four-voice choir (including two members of Frankie Sparo) lends additional vocal support.
What began as studio sketches, evolved, through a few intensive drunken nights, into a beautiful, unfettered, unbelaboured trio of songs that confirms Mt. Zion's ongoing re-invention as a vocal-driven outfit and reveals Efrim's growing strength as a lyricist. The results are deeply moving and utterly original in both poetics and sonics - songs that explicitly invoke a tender and hopeful collective consciousness wrought from mythic/mystic themes, motivated by the tiny graces and tragic failures of our contemporary communities and cultures. [label description]