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SHIFTS - Vertonen 10

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Verato Project verazitt:022
Release Year: 2004
Note: handmade & strangely folded blue thick paper-cover / lim. numb. 60 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Sehr schnes neues Material von diesem Projekt des immer noch hyperaktiven FRANS DE WAARD, der bei SHIFTS nur Saiteninstrumente einsetzt.. ein fast 60mintiger, mikrosound-artiger multipler Drone ertnt hier, der sich vom knisternden Anfang zu dunkel-bedchtige Flchen mit infiniten Effekten in verschiedenen Phasen und Ebenen bewegt. Grossartig !! Das ganze kommt in einer kunstvoll gefalteten blauen Hlle, lim. & nummeriert 60 Exemplare.

Exquisitely packed comes this new work by Frans de Waard's string based project Shifts. And the question that immediately rises upon listening is: where are the strings? But as said before, Shifts is based on strings, so one may assume that the origins of these wide, drony and shimmering sounds are indeed strings. This short rant is meant only to mark a shift in Shift's appraoch to sound: this is definitely digitalised material, whereas his earlier works were obviously analog. OK, having said that, the work on this disc is an almost one hour piece of drony arctic sound, with small rattlesnakes moving about in the snow. I know this doesn't make sense but that's exactly the point: these sounds have the same incongruity and don't seem to belong together, but they go together very well. Further into the piece we are taken away from the desert snowfields and seem to be hovering at some height above them. And at a certain altitude the winds are taking over the sound scenery, adding resonance to the original drones. This is basically how the piece develops. A classic ambient drone piece that makes the mind go on its own trip and makes time seem to originate from another universe. (MR, Vital Weekly) Address: http://www.verato-project.de