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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Elevator Bath eeaoa012
Release Year: 2001
Note: back in stock this excellent LP by COLIN ANDREW SHEFFIELD (who runs the label Elevator Bath in Austin, TX) and JAMES ECK RIPPIE with three improvised pieces of experimental drone- and loopscapes using solely harp, guitar and flute for each one, weaving in crackles, breaks and curiously harmonized textures in a hypnotizing way... lim. 400
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"Variations is a selection of works from the duo of Colin Andrew Sheffield (samples, processing) and James Eck Rippie (turntables, guitar). The three pieces comprising this album were recorded "live" with no additional production and were wholly improvised. Each of the album's pieces utilizes sounds from a single acoustic instrument as its sole source material. Here, the duo's examinations of the harp, guitar, and flute result in three unique components of a unified whole: a textured ambience that is rich and subtle, simple and complex.

On black 180g vinyl with lovely full-color jackets, in an edition of 400 copies." [label info]


"Interessante Zusammenarbeit von C. SHEFFIELD mit JAMES RIPPIE... zu hren gibt es drei atmosphrische, dronige Kompositionen mit sowas wie verfremdeten Harfen oder Gitarren-Sounds, vielen digitalen Brchen und eigenartigen Texturen, die eine ganz eigene Harmonik entwickeln..
nice collaboration presenting atmospheric,droney compositions using effected harps and strange textures that develop their very own harmonics.. " [Drone Records info]