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SCISS - Crosshatch

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Apostrov Recordings #1
Release Year: 2004
Note: handmade & printed cardboard-box
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €7.00

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Another new label rising from Berlin with its first output, a damn fine release by german project SCISS, combining digitally processed drones and found sounds.. kind of ambience with musique concrete influences... comes in special white printed cardboard box !

apostrov starts its release programme with crosshatch by the berlin based composer and musician sciss. the 18-minute mini-cd appears to be a crystallization of the artist's live performances. during the recent years through many concerts, sciss has created a kind of alter ego. it has an individual independence and freedom distinct from his studio works like stamina or residual. it is the well-prepared but equally improvising live situation of asynchronous tape tracks being mixed, filtered, alienated and sampled, where the meditative and the spontaneous elements meet. crosshatch is a rearranged and intensified version of the dienstbar concert in october 2003 in the church of the holy cross the concert as a space inside a space, earthly headquarter inside the celestial. no coincidences: alike the initial mover, the piece begins with a soft stroke which unfolds a unidirectional 'dynamic' energy throughout the first part. the dancing figure arises from a ducked position, heads straight forward but turns out to be a vulnerable object. maximally reduced but nevertheless exploring the properties of tortuousity, the listener is thrown into a panopticum comprised of shattered items. a visual presentation of synchronous, different viewpoints, phrases which revolve, counterparts that are not contradictory. a concealed pompe des nuages is operating and produces castings and spew outs as a new landscape. what is a poetic affection? distant sound traces cautiously underline the barren foreground like sheet lightning. and right in the middle of it a short melodic fragment, like an obelisk standing on a grey deserted square, its skin made of oil. a distressingly premature return of the oreille from its embryonic separation to the real, yet echoing world. [label description]