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SCHAEFER, JANEK - Pulled under

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: AudiOh! Recordings 12
Release Year: 2002
Note: digipack; special offer now!
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Spannende Soundscapes von JANEK SCHAEFER, der gerade fr Furore sorgt (Ars Electronica Preis, etc.); hier konzentriert er sich v.a. auf field recording-Bearbeitungen die mit found sounds kombiniert werden..... erinnert uns an PHILIP JECK, ERIC LA CASA, TOY BIZARRE, ist aber noch verspielter & weniger dronig, mit mehr Cuts und Pausen..

This is an excellent work. As a turntablist Janek Schaefer is responsible for the record player with three arms, but he is also active in sound composition, either solo or with Robert Hampson of Main fame in Comae. This new CD is the follow up to his debut studio CD 'Above Buildings' and consists of work recorded live, vinyl manipulations and field recordings. The overall atmosphere of all eight sound pieces is dark, mainly due to the heavy use of sound effects (reverb, delay and filtering). Things mostly rumble here, with the occassional crackle. Occassionally sounds pop up, in the form of alienated orchestra or a drenched loop of source unknown. An unlikely reference of Janek's work is that Asmus Tietchens. The denseness of the material, the sound treatments and the overall dark atmosphere make this up. And to be compared with Asmus is not a bad thing at all. (FdW, Vital Weekly]