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SCHAEFER, JANEK - Location Stories

Format: do-7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Stichting Mixer M7.08/9 (Vijftiende Mixer)
Release Year: 2006
Note: oversized cardboard-cover, lim. 300
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Die schöne 7“-Reihe auf MIXER wird fortgesetzt mit einer Doppel-Single von JANEK SCHAEFER: Anrufbeantworternachrichten aus Minneapolis, Ziegenglocken aus Südspanien, und eine Regenwaldsymphonie & Wordassoziationen vom Amazonas, vielfältiger gehts kaum, kleine & durchaus witzige & hintersinnige Bewusstseins- und Phantasiereisen, für jeden field-recording Fan ein Muss !

“Janek Schaefer has gained a reputation when it comes to fieldrecording-based soundworks. Using his sonic surroundings, manipulated or not, Schaefer comes up with unique and intimate results. ‘Location Stories’ is another collection of found-sound stories, that Stichting Mixer is proud of to release.
Side A Minneapolis Office Max Messages > 1.45min
A collage of the messages I found left on the display model of a mini digital dictaphone bought at a Branch of Office Max in Minneapolis. In a condensed period of time we get to hear many different cultures and stereotypes interacting with the technology uninterrupted by the presence of sales staff. The track concludes with a voice from my car radio, as I tested it in the car park outside, talking about innovation and technology.
Side B Field Recording > 6.00min
This is the unedited recording of a huge field of silent goats in the village of Villanueva de la Concepcion, south Spain. They were all wearing goat bells and didn't bleat once. The result is a random cacophony of bells. A very pure ‘field recording’ composition.
Side C: Amazon Word Game [beginning] side 1 > 7.41min
Side D: Amazon Word Game [ending] side 2 > 7.40min
A recording made in the heart of The Amazon Rain Forest, where a Brazilian guide, two English tourists and a German tourist, are lying in hammocks at dusk, in a camp made from palm leaves, playing a ‘word association’ game. The language differences make an entertaining and intimate play of language in the middle of the ambient sounds of the virgin rainforest.” [credits]

“....This new double 7" (and if understood well, the final new Stichting Mixer release in some time to come) deals with field recordings, but of three different natures. On side A we hear messages left on a mini digital dictaphone that Schaeffer bought. It was the display model so it went through many hands, and many people tried the machine, leaving their messages on. Quite a hilarious piece of found sound. The b-side is a pure field recording of goats wearing bells. The funny thing is that these goats are all silent, so the only thing we hear is the sound of the bells, which sound like a thick mass of chinese bell chimes plus some more obscured sounds, part of the recording. On the other 7" we have two recordings made in the Amazon Rain Forest, where a Brazilian guide, two English tourists and a German tourist are playing a 'word association' game. Of course the Rain Forest makes a lot of noise, bird and insect calls. Of course with three different native languages on board it's not easy to do this, so there is some amount of confusion among the players. It's a very nice idea and with the Rain Forest sounds its also a beautiful ambient recordings, but perhaps the fifteen minutes spread over 2 sides of a 7" is a bit too much. However, Schaeffer tells three great, three different stories.” [FdW, Vital Weekly]