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Format: pic-12inch
Label & Cat.Number: Synaesthesia SYN008
Release Year: 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Zurechtgeknetete Geruschimprovisationen/ kompositionen auf dieser obskur gestalteten picture-disc, die aus allem zu schpfen scheint, was die klangliche Umwelt zu bieten hat. Abseits von jeder Schublade ist dies fr uns MYSTERIOUS MUSIC, die vom Un-Sag-Baren berichtet ! Ein neuer klanglicher MGLICHKEITSRAUM wird hier erffnet...

Composed specifically for vinyl, Touch Parking is the second collaboration between Danish composer Rasmus B Lunding and Australian artist Philip Samartzis, and is comprised of an eclectic series of reconfigured studio improvisations recorded in Denmark in 2003.
Touch Parking exemplifies Lunding and Samartzis' comprehensive knowledge of the avant-garde, and expertise in abstraction, montage and spatialisation, in which new fields of acoustic experience are rendered from incongruous streams of data, contoured into a loving celebration of polytonal, atonal, and rhythmic as well as arrhythmic and dissonant music.
The recordings have been carefully prepared for vinyl through a unique mastering process conducted by post-digital folkist Goodiepal who has also conceived and designed the unique vinyl-artwork. Therefore Touch Parking is in fact two releases in one, the second release of Lunding/Samartzis, and at the same time one in a series of Vinyl-art releases previously known as Goodiebags by the eccentric and mysterious Goodiepal. [press release]