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PICCHIO DAL POZZO - Abbiamo tutti i suoi problemi

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ReR Megacorp ReR PdP
Release Year: 2006
Note: re-issue of this Prog classic - originally released 1980!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Wiederverffentlichung der zweiten (und letzten) LP von 1980 von dieser legendren italienischen ProgRockExperimental-Band, die komplexe und unerwartete Arrangements und Strukturen, perfekt eingespielt, nur so aus dem rmel schttelten... Anklnge an HENRY COW, ZAPPA, etc..

"One of the most original, impressive and highly respected of all the experimental groups to have come out of Italy in the 1970s, Picchio dal Pozzo were also one of the early invitees to the canonical 'Recommended Sampler', and would have been in RIO, had RIO lasted another year - and had the group not folded up and disappeared before anyone had realised it was there. In the last decade the record was reissued briefly in Japan, then It disappeared again. We have now re-mastered it and put it back into the public domain, where it belongs. Copying no one, though there is some Zappa influence - Picchio had a unique and highly developed style of composition that was not only out of step with it's own time but which sounds contemporary still. Highly composed and devoid of jazz phrasing and riffs with solos, this record achieves maximum musical effect with minimum instrumental means through close attention to timbre, dynamics and expressed tempi and a kind of deep complexity that sounds simple but changes with each listening. A lot of ideas subtly developed - rather than experimented with; a one-off classic." [label description]