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Format: CD & DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Kranky krank065
Release Year: 2004
Note: solo-project of Mark Nelson = LABRADFORD; on the exclusive bonus DVD "visual meditations" for each track by ANNIE FELDMEIER
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €17.50

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Herbstzeitliche Musik, die hier wieder strker an LABRADFORD erinnert und mit vielen in real time eingespielten Instrumenten... eine Mischung aus meditativem Post-Rock und reinen melancholischen Ambience-Sphren......das neue, vierte, PAN AMERICAN Album...

Quiet City is the fourth album from Mark Nelson's Pan American project. Combining the computer-centric approach of Pan American's last album, The River Made No Sound, with the organic instrumentation that characterised Nelson's work in Labradford and on the first two Pan American albums, Quiet City is a logical progression. Three of the eight tracks on Quiet City were recorded with upright bass player Charles Kim (Sinister Luck Ensemble, Boxhead Ensemble) and feature drums, trumpet and fugelhorn by musicians drawn from Chicago's improv/alt-rock scene including Tim Mulvenna (Vandermark 5, Jep Bishop Trio/Quartet), Steven Hess (Hat Melter, Bosco & Jorge, Aluminium Group) and David Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering, Wilco, Stereolab). Nelson even contributes his voice to the mix; the distinctive half-spoken half-sung style of the vocals that helped to make Labradford's albums so special, making a welcome return. Throughout Quiet City, the rippling electronics and muffled beats of the first three Pan American albums are still present as well: sympathetically augmenting the organic content of the record. From start to finish Quiet City is an exercise is elegaic, resonant, wavering and ambient song craft. This is the album Nelson has been threatening to make since he began his Pan American project back in 1997. Accompanying the CD version of Quiet City is an exclusive DVD produced and directed by Mark Nelson in collaboration with U.S. visual/audio artist Annie Feldmeier. A series of distinct "visual meditations" for each of the album's eight tracks, the DVD is a visual essay transforming Quiet City into an all enveloping, emotionally arresting, sensual experience. [press release]