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ORGANUM - Volume One

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Robot Records RR-17
Release Year: 1998
Note: re-mastered material from "Tower of Silence" 12", "In Extremis" 12", and "Rasa" (split with NWW) !
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Уre-mastered material from "Tower of Silence" 12" and "In Extremis" LP (which used sounds from The New Blockaders), both of which were on LAYLAH Anti-Records, and "Rasa" from the split LP with Nurse With Wound on United Dairies. Organum is the brainchild of David Jackman, once a member of the Scratch Orchestra. second pressing.Ф [press release]

"The timeless, acoustic drones that make up the music of Organum could have been made for the beginning of the world or for its final breath; yet Jackman has always avoided assigning any specific metaphors to his work. Instead, this is music that attempts to exist purely within its own context, unconcerned with anything beyond its self-defined borders. Grinding motorcycle engines, steel strung instruments, bowed metal, and Japanese flutes are the instruments that continuously reappear throughout Organum's recordings. However grim, industrial, grating, dissonant, or punishing Organum could be with such instrumentations, Jackman always manages to arrange his work to emphasize the dynamic and often beautiful tonalities of those sounds. For those fans of Mirror, Thomas Koner, Alan Lamb, Harry Bertoia, Tony Conrad, and other drone obsessed composers, Organum's recordings are required listening." [Aquarius Rec.]