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OPHOI (OOPHOI) - Hymns to a silent sky

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nextera ERA 2038-2
Release Year: 2005
Note: evocative space-music dedicated to the sky and its movements & mysteries; one of the best OPHOI-albums back in stock !
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Neues Werk, dem Himmel gewidmet...pure Meditations-drones, langsam kreisende Frequenzverschiebungen, sanfte verhallte aurale Schlagschatten..... die beste Kunst, sowohl visuell als auch akustisch, produziert immer noch und tglich neu, die Natur... diese Natur-verbundenheit scheint OPHOI mit seiner Musik ausdrcken zu wollen....

A silent, impassive sky is watching us. An impending sky full of signals that we should learn to read and perceive. A sky which reflects our moods, hopes and fears. A sky which can recall our deepest memories.
I want to dedicate these hymns to all the people who feel attracted by the beauty and the mysteries of the Sky. [Oophoi, 2005]

"An album of epic, deep, evocative space music that stretches out in front of you in its own infinite universe of sounds. The music is deeply connected with the mysteries of the sky: clouds moving slowly, delicate and dramatic colors merging together beyond the horizon line, winds carrying voices and sounds from distant times. A remarkable work full of poetry. According to general reactions - Oophoi's best album so far. Total Time: 60:21 [label info]